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Scholarship Benefit


Scholarship Application


Scholarship Requirements

​Scholarship incentives for students residing in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas who wish to pursue a medical career.


Gifts of Love

Contribution Pledge Form

If you would like to donate monetary or gifts to the organization please fill out the form below.  These gifts will be given out throughout the year to a special needs child and the elderly.

Necessities of Life

We will provide blankets and gifts cards to those that are less fortunate.

Just Because

"We're Watching Over You"

​Gifts of love to the elderly. We will have volunteers who will make weekly and monthly visits to a nursing home just because.

You Need A Break

Valentines Day we want to provide a husband/wife a rest and relaxation day at the spa, dinner and a movie.


How Bout That!

Bike for Jocelyn

Fun day for all with the goal of offering hope, inspiration ans support to the disabled community. Proceeds will help to provide special equipment so that parents can take their loved ones on a stroll to the park, ride to the store, or jsut a bike ride day of fun.

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